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Santa Barbara Courthouse Tower Clock Restoration

The Courthouse needs a clock!

Damage from the 1925 earthquake dismantled the old courthouse. In 1929, Santa Barbara ordered a clock for the new courthouse from The Seth Thomas Clock Company, a family business that had been making clocks since 1813. The Courthouse clock is Serial #2744, dated June 1929.

Restoration Timeline

  • April 2010, East Dial freezes
  • May 2010, Project is planned and funded
  • Jun 2010, Work begins
  • Aug 2010, Motion works and hands are installed
  • Dec 2010, Time train is restarted
  • Apr 2011, Bells are installed
  • Dec 2011, Murals are installed
  • Mar 2012, Clock strikes for the first time ever
  • Apr 2012, Gallery opens

Courthouse Awards

NAWCC Award_preview
Calif Gov Award_preview
SB Beautiful Award_preview
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